Muscle spasm Massage Oil

Ma Earth Botanicals

Muscle spasm Massage Oil
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Night cramps/spasms can cause a great deal of anguish from pain. A cramp/spasm is a painful contraction of a muscle, , most often occurring in calf muscles. Ma Earth Botanicals Muscle spasm Massage oil had been carefully designed to provide relief from this distressing condition.

 Key Ingredients: Rosemary, Hyssop, Lavender, Marjoram Essential oils

The Process:

Massage the whole leg in an upward direction, using Ma Earth Botanicals Muscle Spasm oil.

Massage the feet and press the toes from both sides.

Put on a pair of socks. In winter, a hot water bottle in bed helps immensely.

Repeat the process every night for at least 15 days to get the best results.

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