Our Story

This planet inspires us, we’re synthesized of her five elements, thriving when in equilibrium, dis-eased in imbalance. Everyday is a challenge, an adventure into the unknown for which we need a harmony to sing to, thus, life’s melodious soundtrack… 

walk barefoot, 

pause to breathe, 

visualise the present,

listen to your heart, 

you are the universe


The blessing is cast…

Ma Earth Botanicals is a twenty year old journey of curative self experimentation brought to you from the Sukh Family, a creed of healers, architects, designers, artists and activists with global footprints. Our recipes and beauty rituals are a rich tapestry of wellness culture and knowledge of herbs, botanicals and plant actives from India, the Middle East and West Africa. We are rooted in a deep respect for planet Earth and her elemental relationship with well being. 

We combine timeless natural remedies with signature aromatherapy and homeopathy blends to balance your body’s earth, wind, fire, water and ether. Our compositions are medicinal, free from sulphates, chemical additives and synthetics. Every product is hand crafted and packed with holy mantras (or soft jazz depending on the mood of the day) playing in the background. This is a family’s commitment to healing you with the best that nature can offer and impart positive lifestyle choices, like mothers do. 

Dr. Swarn Sukh is the soul of Ma, a Homeopath and Naturopath with over three decades of healing experience and transforming lives. Constantly tinkering and innovating, Ma’s portfolio of treatments are a testament to Swarn’s creativity, curiosity and bravery. From being the only female architect amongst an office of men in her early career to being one the oldest students of her naturopathy class, her resilience knows no bounds. She spun the rebellious thread that runs through our family, giving us the strength to go against the grain, against all odds.

Dr. Anaisha Sukh runs the daily show at Ma, trained at the London College of Classical Homeopathy, healing people over two decades. A Doctor, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Reiki healer, she is instrumental in building and growing Ma from scratch, a force to be reckoned with, clearly her mother’s protege. In those not too often free moments, Anaisha will switch off her phone and engage in meditative calligraphy. 

Vishin Sukh is the force behind Ma (our first investor!), providing his endless love and encouragement to the team and ensuring our finances are in order.  Working since the age of 16, Mr. Sukh has been a practicing Architect for over five decades in India, Iran and Nigeria. He reveres the works of Kenzo Tange, Frank Lloyd Wright and Joseph Allen Stein.

Nitin Sukh is a writer, development banker and public policy expert specializing in climate change, regenerative economics and natural capitalism. He helps define Ma’s purpose and strategy with a particular focus on supply chain transparency and sustainability. Nitin is currently based in London, advising the Planet-Tracker initiative.

Anupama Sukh Lalvani, is the founder and design principal of En Inde, a contemporary product design practice, and is currently living in Phuket, Thailand with her family.  An architect by training and clearly her father’s protege,  Anupama texturises Ma’s story with her signature design ethic inspired by minimalism and sacred geometry sensibilities.


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