HAIR CLEANSER (Enriched with Amla, Shikakai & Brahmi) GRAPEFRUIT, PATCHOULI, & CLARY SAGE

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HAIR CLEANSER (Enriched with Amla, Shikakai & Brahmi) GRAPEFRUIT, PATCHOULI, & CLARY SAGE
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A gentle Sulphate-free formulation, designed to carefully cleanse the scalp and hair, while adding body and shine. Prepared using a unique blend of natural herbs and oils which deeply clean and nourish the scalp. Ritha promotes hair growth, softens hair and removes excess oil. Bhringraj helps strengthen hair and encourage hair growth. Shikakai gently cleans and strengthens hair. Jojoba oil is the only oil whose molecular structure is similar to sebum and hence it helps maintain the scalp's natural balance. It also adds shine, elasticity and softness to hair. 


Wet hair, then gently massage the hair cleanser onto scalp. Rinse thoroughly.


Reetha: An all-natural, eco-friendly and reusable nut, which creates mild suds. Rich in vitamin A, D and E, it promotes hair growth, imparts shine and makes it smooth.  A natural tonic which helps achieve thick, bouncy hair.

Shikakai: A rich source of vitamin C, which gives the scalp a collagen boost and helps promote hair growth. A natural alternative to chemical laden shampoos. It naturally adds shine and softness, fights dandruff, delays grey hair, prevents dry scalp, gently detangles hair and gives stronger thicker hair.

Amla: The Indian Gooseberry abundant in vitamin C and essential fatty acids, helps strengthen hair follicles, cures hair loss, halts pre-mature greying. Has the ability to deeply penetrate the scalp and nourish from within.

Bhringaraj: A potent herb full of nutrients and minerals that help promote hair growth and reduce stress-related hair loss.

Bhrami: Enriched with  many biochemical compounds, which help strengthen hair follicles. Helps treat permanent baldness. Bhrami refreshes the mind and acts as a mental tonic that helps increase memory power and mental alertness. It contains nitric oxide, which has positive impact on brain functioning and mental clarity.

Key Ingredients:

Phyllanthus emblica (Amla) fruit extract, Acacia concinna (Shikakai) pod extract, Eclipta prostrate (Bhringaraj) leaf extract, Bacopa monnieri (Bhrami) herb extract, Sapindus Mukorossi (Reetha), Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Gurhal) flower exract, Berberis aristata (Daruhaldi) stem extract, Trigonellia Foenum (Methi) seed extract, Essential oils of Grapefruit, Patchouli, Clary Sage

Cruelty Free * Sulphate & Paraben Free * Artificial Coloring Free

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