Serenity Synergy Blend

Ma Earth Botanicals

Serenity Synergy Blend
  • Rs. 850.00

Ma Earth Botanicals’ ‘Serenity’ blend has been especially created to help you feel upbeat and confident. It helps refresh the tired mind and balance your mood and emotions. This citrus blend also has the ability to act as a disinfectant and kill airborne pathogens and boost as well as strengthen the immune system.

  • treats colds and flu
  • reduces fevers
  • helps strengthen the liver
  • reduce inflammations
  • treats infectious diseases


Always test a nickel sized portion of the skin first. Make sure your skin can handle the blend before using.

Apply Ma Earth Botanicals Serenity blend onto ears, heart and wrists.

Wear as a perfume or cologne.

It is wonderful when diffused.


Neroli: A wonderful uplifting oil, which helps clear stagnant thoughts and sharpens your focus.

Lavender: A calming oil with many strong anti-bacterial properties.

Lemon: This oil helps with many emotional and anxiety issues including debility, anxiety, emotional clarity and apathy.

Key Ingredients: Essential oils of Neroli, English Lavender, Lemon

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